Monday, March 22, 2010

The Week that Was.

Hello again.

You might not be aware of this, but we've just come off of a very special week for not just New York City, but also for all of the entire universe.


I'm speaking, of course, of the Rev's Birthday/St. Patrick's Day Extravaganza Week.

And it kicked ass.

Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris levels of kicking ass.

That movie happened. It's a fact. Has your head exploded yet? Read on.

First off was the birthday. It started off... well...

Ok, I admit it. I pissed off Thor two posts ago.

"You want weather powers? Happy Birthday, nerd."

So it rained a little. A lot. All day.

Soaking, driving, nonsense rain. So either the Norse God of thunder doesn't like me questioning how he uses his abilities or the Judeo-Christian God decided to finally get around to dealing with New Jersey.

"Start with the small things on your to-do list," thinks God.

At any rate, it was an incredibly soggy birthday. But fun!

In the afternoon, Subastar and I went to Brooklyn to tour the Brooklyn Brewery. Being a former brewery tour guide myself, I was prepared for the whole nine yards. And I got it.

Literally. I mean, the whole brewhouse is about 9 yards squared.


Our guide was funny and knew his stuff. He even freely admitted that all of the bottles of Brooklyn Beer are brewed at the F.X. Matt Brewing Company in Utica, NY.

My Alma Malt-er.

It's good that he was up front about it, because I was totally ready to call him on it, and then he'd look foolish in front of the whole tour and I'd be all smug and he'd start crying and maybe pee his pants a little.

I'm glad we avoided such a scene.

After that we got some lunch and I had a chocolate milkshake, because hey, it was my birthday.

"Barkeep! Give me another and make it a double... I'll tell you when I've had enough!"

After that it was back through the heavy pouring rain to Astoria for a nap.

"A nap?" you say, "Holy S***balls! This birthday had everything!"

I'm just getting started.

Kyle, Subastar and I decided that it was not worth the swim to go all the way into Manhattan for dinner. Well, that and the car service we wanted to have pick us up was booked solid for another two hours.

"Look upon my face, puny mortal, and know the pain of minor inconvenience!"

Yes, Thor, I get it.

So we went to a fantastic restaurant near my house called Bistro 33. I had the Duck Breast and it was out of this world. Then it was time for the party.

We hopped in the car and treated our driver to a completely inappropriate and evil conversation that may have had him debating crashing the car intentionally for the good of the world. Thankfully he did not do that (probably because we look like good tippers), and we arrived at our destination.

I chose for my party a bar called Slate. It's pretty cool as it combines a hip club setting with pool tables and ping-pong. I like it, even though this particular night we were sent straight downstairs, as a pretty bitchin' bar mitzvah was burning up the top floor.

Thank you so much to everyone who waded out to celebrate with us. I know it would've been much easier to stay at home, warm and dry so thank you thank you thank you. I hope you had a good time, because I had a blast.


So just one quick emotional scarring of a cab driver later and I was back home, sleeping soundly in my warm covers.

And that's just the first day of the Extravaganza Week!

Sunday was kind of an off day, I'll admit. There was some brunch, Daylight Savings screwed everybody over and I saw Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

Skip it, it sucks. I don't have time to get into the reasons but let me say that Wonderland is not Oz. Neither is it Narnia, Never Never Land, or even Middle Earth. Don't try to make it be those things, dammit.

But Monday I got a very special phone call!

Ok, not quite that special.

But still, Good news everybody!

professor farnsworth Pictures, Images and Photos

I was told that I have been accepted into Grad School for an MFA in Dramatic Writing!

Woo Hoo!

This is pretty awesome, because I'm already good at dramatic writing. Check it out:

The glass on the table was empty, but it was full when we left after hearing the screams! Could it have been emptied by... the killer??


See how dramatic that was? Nice.

So hooray for me and all that rot. The Extravaganza Week was still not over by this point, but the fantasticness that happened next deserves its own entry.

Catch you later, babies.


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