Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shout out

So I'm going to try a new approach to this blog. I'll have several entries being written simultaneously, and hopefully that will increase the rate of publication, as well as keeping things fresh and relevant in my head. That being said, this'll just be a quick note.

I'm going to dedicate this to a new reader of mine, my cousin Kyle, currently serving in Iraq, helping to build a new infrastructure there.

This is a joke that Kyle told me around a campfire in Vermont, some time ago:

A little boy is in a public restroom. He's just finished washing his hands and is about to leave when a Marine walks in the door.

"Wow!" says the boy, "Are you really a Marine?"

"Sure am," says the Marine "You wanna wear my hat?"

"Sure!" says the boy.

The Marine takes off his hat and gives it to the kid to play with, while the Marine is focused on other matters in the restroom.

The boy has a great time, running around with a pantomime rifle, kicking open stall doors and making fake explosion and gun sounds.

Just then, a Green Beret (Army Special Forces) walks in the bathroom.

The kid goes "Wow! are you really Army Special Forces?"

"Sure am," says the Green Beret, "Want to suck my dick?"

"Nah," says the kid, "I'm not really a Marine, I'm just wearing his hat!"


Just so you know, that joke kills. No offense to any members of the USMC that might be reading this (Francis), but I have never not gotten a positive response from the telling of it.

Just remember, people, know your audience.

"Please explain again why that's funny."

Ok, that's all for tonight, folks.

Kyle, keep up the good work and be safe.

Catch you later, folks


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