Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Further Self Promotion

Ok, so it seems like a cop-out, kinda, but I'm posting another video instead of writing a full post. My reasons are two. First, I'm a lazy, useless drain on this country's precious resources. Second, I'm working on writing some sketches, and that cuts into my blogging time allotment. And thirdly, I like looking at myself and I hope you do too.

This is an episode of The Bizzy Coy Show, hosted by my good friend Bizzy Coy. She films this in her apartment in Brooklyn and has been trying to get Oach and I to guest on it basically since its inception. I'll say this qualifies to be on this blog because I physically appear in it, and also wrote most of my own dialogue.

Oach is still holding out for a bigger payday from Bizzy, but since guests are compensated with baked goods, the negotiations will be fierce.


Later babies,


PS - Happy Birthday to my Blog, who turned 2 years old last week!


  1. That. was. hilarious.

    "This one smells like urine....and fear.
    Ooo! Read it! Read it!"

    I think I replayed that part 5 times and it keeps getting funnier. Great job and I can't wait too see more.

  2. why thank you! (i will accept your compliment on rev's behalf).

    if you liked it, you should subscribe to my videos at ;)

  3. i checked the mcdonalds in forest hills - figuring it might be 'rural' enough to get shamrock shakes - no dice, sorry. i had a craving for one last night myself.


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