Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sorry for the back-to-back 24 posts

Another hauer has passed. Maybe two, I'll have to look at the other post I did. The body count has gone up, and tragically, Methos is currently out of the picture. I'm ahead of myself.

This is Methos:

If you know him only as Emerson, the mysterious mercenary and friend of Tony Almeda, then you're not as big a fan of Highlander as I am.

In a related note, you probably had more luck with the ladies in High School than I did.

But it's conspiracy theory time.

Jack Bauer, God of firearms and plugging security leaks shot Agent Walker, the stern, no-nonsense redheaded FBI agent you know he's totally going to bone. Here's the thing. He shot her in the neck. And she's alive and well.

The very next hauer/episode, Tony is forced to shoot Methos/Emerson. Where? Well, in the arm.

But then! In the neck.

How many more people do I have to shoot before Jack says he loves me?

Now, we are led to believe that Emerson is dead. Well, we were also led to believe that Tony was dead, weren't we? We see Emerson unconscious and Tony looking sad. Tony is then tasked with disposing of the bodies. Are we seeing any parallels yet?

I humbly posit that Emerson is still alive and Tony helped him stay that way to protect him from Jack's righteous wrath. Of course, this decision is totally going to bite him in the ass when he comes back all pissed off later in the day/season.

Ok... Assume that I'm right (it happens sometimes). We have two characters shot in the neck that were believed to be dead but are really alive. The Rule of Threes dictates that it needs to happen again.

Let's wrack our 24 fanatic brains and see if we can think of any characters that have been shot in the neck and presumed dead...

Nope, none that I can think of.

Oh wait...


Who is undoubtedly my favorite Manning right now... but that's a blog for several weeks ago and far too much condescending imagery involving pretty frilly dresses and bows in pigtails.

Yes, that's right. I worked out this justification for the sole purpose of wanting Curtis back on 24. He is awesome.

"Hi, I'm going to need a restraining order on a blogger who calls himself Rev. Thanks."

Also, I want to see Methos/Emerson back too. He's a cool dude, and immortals can only be killed by beheading anyway.

There can be only one, Tony.

In a few days, pictures of a visit from Dr. Rev.



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  1. Hahaha. I want to believe.

    So Emerson comes back, kills Tony for real this time, and then Curris kills Emerson for real and then assumes his rightful place beside Jack as sidekick and cold-cocker of bitches.


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