Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Ok, let's talk turkey.

Thanksgiving turkey, that is. Thanksgiving 2008 at the Rev household was a pretty fantastic one, all told. I've plenty of pictures here, so do try to pay attention. This might get a little lengthy, but if I can write for this long without getting distracted by the Interzone's buffet of pornography, then hopefully you can take the time to read it.

I'm just joking, I already detoured twice just writing that paragraph.

Anyway, the best thing about Thanksgiving 2008 was that the gang was all assembled. That's right, I'm going to post a Rev family picture.

We will destroy you.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. We weren't all together at first. No, the actual day of Thanksgiving, it was just Mr and Mrs. Rev and myself. Which is fine, because I had all this food to eat and no one to challenge me.

Gluttony is my 3rd favorite deadly sin.

And eat I did. Three platefuls of that went down my gullet that day. I have to admit, they were kind of small plates, so that shouldn't go in the official book of Thanksgiving. I'd give it 2.5 normal plates. Not breaking records, but respectable.

It was also very quiet, which gave me plenty of time for activities such as this:

Sloth is my fourth.

Please note the presence of fire, one of my favorite things. So calming, so peaceful...

But yeah, Friday night into Saturday morning the rest of the gang arrived, including the newest addition to the clan, A. Rev:

According to her bib, this was her first Thanksgiving. And bibs never lie.

Also, you can see from this photo that A. Rev may or may not be a vampire. She certainly has the little fangs growing in. Also, her mother seems to want to keep her out of direct sunlight a lot, so I'm suspicious about that too. Sure, you might say "Rev, she's a baby." But hey, so was Bunnicula.

Or a rabbit. I get the two confused.

I think the Revs may have a distant vampiric ancestor. I sunburn within seconds, and consequently hate bright sunshine, and my mother can smell garlic from 8 million kilometers.

So yeah, most of the day was spent playing with and watching A. Rev play and move about and do cute things.

S.Rev (A.Rev's Mommy), Dr Rev, A.Rev and Mr (Grandpa) Rev

A.Rev and Lt. Rev, her dad.

A.Rev and her favorite uncle.

A.Rev, Mrs. (Grandma) Rev, and K'May.

You know what? Let's get another vampire shot:


Then of course, it was time for more food.

Pressed to compete with Dr Rev, I ate even more than at the last spread.

and a little bit more sleep:


Oh hey, this was funny too.

For Dinner on Saturday, in addition to the delicious turkey:

Oh God, Yes.

We also had a pork loin. When the Revs took a vacation to the Outer Banks last year, my Uncle Lee made pork loin for a meal one time.

Keeping that in mind, it makes sense when K'May said "Hey, that reminds me of Uncle Lee!"

Except for the fact that at the time we were being confronted with the uncooked pork loin.

Get me yet?

Ok fine.

It looked like this:

Uncle Lee's got some explaining to do.

How many minutes of uninterrupted evil laughter do you think you could have derived from that situation? If the answer is less than 10, you have a better soul than the Revs do.

And by better I mean more boring.

At this point you might be saying "Rev, you sure used the word Rev a lot in this post. I'm almost completely Revved out. Aren't you taking this Rev theme a little too far?"

Good question. I'll answer this way:

Boo Yah!


Catch you folks later.



  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute hun!!!! This is my favourite post.
    I like the Rev gang especially A.Rev she is adorable!

  2. Nice pictures. I'll have to get a couple of them from you at some point.

    I see you chose not to post Mrs. Rev holding the loin...

  3. Yeah - She was pretty explicit in her wishes for me not to post that photo.


  4. Bunnicula was the first book I read cover to cover. And the last. :|

    Great post as usual.

  5. Bunnicula!!!!!! a rabbit that sucks the juice out of vegetables.
    a classic. the kids just don't know what they're missing these days.


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