Friday, October 17, 2008

multiculturalism and empty promises

Hey everyone,

Yeah, crazy I know, I'm actually updating this thing. And a real update, not just a post-a-video-and-run-before-
you-notice-there's-no-original-content update. Total insanity.

But I felt we should talk as much has been happening. If you have indeed read the previous entry you may recognize this:

Yep, that's Baron Mind.

As a result of some neat people with fantastic taste, the Baron made a top 5 list at
This one, to be precise:

This was very exciting news, and it immediately boosted our viewing rate on vimeo. On the 13th we had 35 views, and then on the 14th our video was played 612 times. The next day it was played 766 times. We were elated.

Oach had already begun discussing the way he would pay back the guys who had been kind enough to post our vid. I won't get into too much detail about the results of that brainstorming session. This is a family blog, after all.

You know what, I'll just let DC comics and Batman & Robin sum it up:

Yeah... that'll do.

But then the top 5 list got picked up by, and our viewings really spiked! Yesterday (Thursday) we topped at 1,957 viewings. I can only imagine how Oach will repay this one...

Special thanks to and for the Comic book panels/cover. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Super-Homoeroticism aside, thank you to everyone who viewed, and/or "liked" our vimeo page. It probably doesn't really matter as far as the contest and winning is concerned, but we appreciate the support.

What else have I been up to?

Oh yeah, I went to a Garba.

According to Wikipedia:

"Garba (Gujarati: ગરબા Garbā), is an Indian form of dance that originated in the Gujarat region. Unlike other famous types of Indian dance such as bharatanatyam and odissi, garba is similar to Western social dance than the presentational style of the other dances. The meditative circular movement and spiraling dance of Garba has similarities to other ancient spiritual dances.

The name garba comes from the Sanskrit term Garba Deep. Garba, when translated means 'womb', and Deep, a small earthenware lamp. For this reason, many traditional garbas are performed around a central lit lamp.

Traditionally, Garba is performed during a nine-day festival called Navarātrī (Gujarātī નવરાત્રી Nava = 9, rātrī = nights). Traditionally, either the lamp (the Garba Deep), or an image of the Goddess Amba is placed in the middle of the concentric rings as an object of veneration. People dance around the center, at every step gracefully bending sideways, their arms coming together in sweeping gestures, each movement ending in a clap."

Enough reading, let's see some pictures:

Here's me in my traditional Kurta Pajamas.

Quite the dashing figure, I must admit.

Here's my host and cultural ambassador for the evening, Krutz:

All right, fine... she looks way better than I do.

Both of those pictures were taken at the Secaucus Junction Railroad station, as this particular celebration was Held in Edison, NJ. And before you jump all over me about what a horrible place New Jersey is, let me just tell you something...


Official flag of The Universe.

But hey, I didn't plan this traditional Indian celebration, I was just along for the ride. And what a ride it was.

The event took place at an Expo Center and featured several prominent Garba singers and laser lights and a whole lot of dancing. It kind of looked like this:

The speckles come from the fog that they used to make the lasers visible.

It was a lot of fun, everyone was really friendly and I even did some dancing that you might be able to find videos of if you search well enough on facebook. If you can't, well, too bad.

It wasn't all a good time, though. At one point in the evening as we took a break to get food, I was offered paan. If you like paan and find it refreshing and a cherished part of your dining experience/childhood/cultural experience, that's fine, and please try not to be too mad at me.

It is horrifying.

Ways I've described the experience of trying paan:

- like eating your grandparents' medicine cabinet.

- like someone tossed a hand grenade into the awful store and wrapped it in betel leaf.

- like trying to eat the puzzle cube from the Hellraiser movie series.

Less than pleasant, what with the spikes and hooks and chains and all.

- like eating a transsexual hooker's ground up shoes.

I guess the main point to take away from all of this is that I did not care for paan.

Ok, Mr and Mrs Rev are here, so I'll continue this later.

Peace out,



  1. hey rev - glad i could direct more people towards your work. awesome stuff. shoot me an e-mail at joshuaATtilzyDOTtv. we can trade clips from the he-man animated series to accompany your dc comics finds.

  2. Oach's Brother RyanOctober 20, 2008 at 11:52 AM

    Just wondering what makes a transsexual hooker's ground up shoes taste worse than say, a female/male from birth hooker's shoes or just your "everyday" person's shoes? By the way, can I borrow your Kurta Pajamas? They look comfy.

  3. ryan- that's pretty much one of those questions that I can't answer for you. Once you've experienced it, you'll understand.

    Also, yes they're comfy, and we might be able to work something out.


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