Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Further Recap Summer 08

Hi, how's it going? Cool.

I'm at one of those moments where I have plenty of time to do a blog entry, but no narrative framework in mind. Not that I ever end up sticking to those frameworks, but I usually have one or two pictures/concepts to share with you wonderful people. I'm kind of drawing a blank right now.

I know! I could talk about the Last Play at Shea Concert that I attended! I don't have my pictures from the event on me, but that's ok as I probably won't be posting this until I'm back where they are anyway (edit: not true, sorry).

Technically speaking it was the Next-to-Last Play at Shea Concert, because concert organizers are bags of dicks. I'll explain in a bit.

The aforementioned was the Billy Joel concert that took place in Shea Stadium. It was a big deal because Shea Stadium will soon be torn down in favor of Citi Field. So all you Mets fans that have never been to Shea better hurry up before it's gone, killed by a giant stadium that will be better at taking our money. Hopefully, it will also prove better at preventing you from falling to your death.

My concern is that the new place will not have the personality and warmth that I've experienced at Shea Stadium. Not from the fans, of course, but from the little touches. I hope they build a really awesome Apple in a Top Hat that pops up every time the Mets hit a home run.


Purists can sign an online petition to keep the original apple here.

I hope that Eddie Cow-Bellman continues to parade about, leading cheers and prompting countless millions of terrible Christopher Walken impressions.

The face of dedication.

Go ahead, say it. You know you can't help it.

Lastly and most importantly, I hope that Mr. Met stays with the team, despite the frequent rumors that he will take a leave of absence to run for political office.

He brings the oft-marginalized Baseball-American vote to the GOP

But enough exposition. The concert was advertised for a Wednesday night, and much promotion was done. A lot of effort went into getting online and making calls as soon as the tix went on sale. I use the passive voice intentionally, as I didn't personally make the effort. Regardless, tickets were secured and there was much rejoicing. The last concert at Shea Stadium! Hooray!

The next day we hear an announcement. Due to the high demand of tickets, another concert is being added to the lineup. On FRIDAY. Effectively giving a big fat middle finger to all of the people who tried so crazily and gave up sleep to get tickets in the first place. "JK, you're not really seeing the last concert. LOL!"

They speak this way in my imagination because it helps maintain my rage. Basically, this chicanery amounts to using blatant false advertising to sell out two concerts in 8 seconds instead of selling out two concerts over the course of several minutes.


In case you think I'm being overly crass and negative (Mom), let me remind you that this shady underhandedness also changed the concert itself.

Special guest appearances for the concert I saw:

Tony Bennett
John Mayer
Don Henley
John Mellencamp

Pretty cool, and it was a great time. Then I saw the Friday lineup:

Tony Bennett
Garth Brooks
Steven Tyler
Roger Daltrey

and, oh yeah:

Sir Paul McCartney.

Awesomeness is his resting state.

So yeah. Concert Organizers - and I type that with the utmost chagrin that I can only use an ambiguous title and am (at present) unable to identify any of them by name - a lot of people feel betrayed. It's not just me, check out message boards all over the interzone.

However, I must now temper my ranting and negativity by saying that I am positively thrilled and grateful to have gone to the Wednesday concert at all. More deserving people than I were unable to attend, and for that I'm sorry. I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, so to speak.

That expression makes more sense now.

And to his credit, Mr. Joel himself acknowledged the switcheroo during the concert. I bear no ill will towards him, as he is a genius and a class act, let alone a musical legend.

Thank you, Mr Joel, for a fantastic evening.

You wouldn't happen to know where those organizers live, would you?



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