Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial Day was fun, as usual

We have much to discuss.

Once again, I have gone multiples of time without updating. I was going to try to post something once a week, but evidently I didn't try very hard. Nevertheless, I have been doing things and having adventures and such, so we have two things to talk about, generally.

1) I met my niece

2) Summer Movies

Going in order, I finally made the trek far upstate to meet A. Rev. Here is a picture of the encounter:

We are adorable.

In the background of that picture, you can see my Indiana Jones hat, which ties back into this post a little bit later. Anyway, I think our introduction went pretty well. I got one or two smiles out of her, as well as the amount of crying, fear, and gassiness that I've come to expect upon meeting girls for the first time.

I scored some bonus points, though. I brought her a new toy, and preliminary tests indicate that she enjoys it. It's called a Whoozit, and I went slightly insane on Thursday looking for one. Behold:

This is awesome.

I very nearly bought one for myself. There are plenty of bright colors, some of the appendages rattle, and the back has a big black and white target on it that human larvae babies can focus on with their underdeveloped eyes. There is also a small mirror hidden under the nose, and the nose itself has a squeaky thing in it. Hours of entertainment. It also does not resemble any sort of actual animal, which is good, because I think children should be exposed to as much nonsense as possible.

We were both pretty fascinated by the Whoozit, as evidenced by this picture:

So I think she's off to a pretty good start with one of her Uncles Rev.

Anyway, for those interested, you may view more pictures of A. Rev HERE. She seems to have inherited her parents' dislike of cameras and smiling for them.

Segueing by means of Indiana Jones Hat:

Who's ready for adventure?

I saw the latest entry in that legendary film franchise, Indiana Jones and the Batshit Crazy Producer.

"Next I'll have Indiana Jones search for my credibility"

Again, I won't spoil any of the film for you. This next insane run-on sentence should be sufficient.

If, ten years ago, my future (now) self were to appear before me in a TARDIS, or DeLorean, or even naked in a bizarre matter-destroying bubble, and tell me that in ten years time, I would be given the option of watching a fourth Indiana Jones movie, or seeing the Iron Man movie, and that I should choose the latter, I would have immediately brained him with a flashlight and burned him as a witch.

Not so much because of the movie advice, but for the fact that I would have access to time travel, and all I would tell me about is cinema, and not something useful like lottery numbers, stock market tips or which girls at Whitesboro High totally would have gone all the way with me.

Back to the point, I would have found the movie advice hard to believe. However, that's waaay back in 1998, a full year before the Phantom Menace would rape my dreams of franchise resurrection, and seven years before Batman Begins would allow me to dare to dream again.

Which reminds me that there is still a long way to go yet in this Summer Movie Season. Plenty of films to look forward to, and other films to avoid like a panhandling leper on fire.

"Spare change?"

More specifically:

Speaking of which, has anybody else noticed this?

Apparently, Kim Cattrall is, in reality, Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living Source of Evil (only less sexually appealing). Good to know.

That's all for now, talk to you later



  1. I'm not gonna lie. I missed this blog.

  2. Not one reference to chicken...damn I've got to try harder. Although you did feature the product of my loins quite prominently.

  3. I don't feel there's a big need to advertise our weaknesses... like the existence of a certain kind of chicken that turns the Revs into slavering, mindless gluttons.


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