Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Blog!

That's right, folks. Today marks one year since this blog first stumbled onto the scene, muttered an incoherent pickup line and proceeded to force itself on the unsuspecting internet. Thank you for everyone who either cheered it on with your support and comments, or just averted your eyes and let it happen while thinking "someone should stop this." I couldn't have done it without you. Special big thanks go to all the poor suckers who have accidentally experienced this blog while searching Google for phrases such as "Tyra Banks show gifts," "Mohawk Valley Pug Club," and "Jewface John." You're my favorites of the past year.

And what a year it's been. Lots of changes in the world of Rev. I went from "living" in Staten Island to living in Astoria. I went from no job to having job. I went to North Carolina and successfully returned. And finally, as I mentioned earlier, I now have health insurance. Excelsior! Who knows what the second year of blogging shall bring? Hopefully I'll be able to continue my ascent of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

I have a good feeling about 2008.

Anyway, for the birthday I'm thinking about giving the ol' blog a new color scheme, so if that's already happened, now you know why. If it hasn't happened, then I'm a lazy ass.

On to other things.

Sunday I decided to go for a walk. At the last minute, leaving my apartment, I decided to bring along my digital camera. "I'm going to look for something to blog about" thought I. "I don't care if it takes all day and I have to walk for hours and hours and miles and Oh Damn! "

My self assured rambling was interrupted as soon as I turned around from having locked the exterior door of the abode. It was interrupted by this sight:


Yes, that was the view from my stoop. Note the lack of first-responders. This accident must have occurred fairly recently. My thought process was as follows:


"How did I not hear that from inside?"

"I wonder if anyone's hurt."

Does that make me a bad person?

Anyway, my CSI-like recreation of the accident led me to conclude that the woman driving the white car facing the wrong way was booking down the road, scraped against the black car on the far side of the road, and careened into the two parked cars with enough force to, and this is a technical term, totally f*ck them up. More photos:

The view from Oach's window.



Sheer craziness, I know. Then I got scared because I remembered something. That's where I usually parked my Sweet 'Bu on the weekends! If that had happened only several months earlier... why, I don't know what would have happened! For proof of this brush with disaster, I give you photographic evidence from when all of those Firemen showed up outside.

My God. It was right there just half a year ago!

I'm glad my Sweet 'Bu went to live with that nice family in the country. And by that I mean it's at my parent's house, I'm not attempting to placate you like a child when its dog dies.

Moving onto good news. I have now joined the ranks of the highest echelon of humanity: the couch owner. For months I resisted buying a couch, for equal parts laziness, cheapness, and enjoying being able to say "I don't even own a couch" as a go-to excuse in conversations. Well that era is at an end, and the era of productivity-sapping naps is upon us. Here she is:

"But Rev!", you might ask. "You live with another dude. How are you and Oach both going to be able to watch films whilst sitting on the couch without having some sort of awkward indian-wrestling match for leg space?"

Well, I am honestly shocked that occurred to you, but I took it into consideration. Behold:

Double Recliner Action, Baby. That means it's classy.

Ok, I'm done for now. Tune in next time for a March Birthday Roundup!



  1. I'll bet you're excited to one day experience sexual intimacy. With a woman.

  2. your old blow up bedMarch 5, 2008 at 4:59 PM

    nice couch

  3. I guess I'm doing better than I thought! Heh heh heh. That is totally a guy's couch. Heh.

  4. Yvo - it definitely is, and I'm completely OK with that.

    JY - Thanks!

    Blow up bed - it definitely is.

    Honus - I definitely am.

  5. i'm thrilled to meet your couch in person, and i'm comfortable with how mildly dirty that sounds.


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