Monday, January 7, 2008

Further Holiday Merriment.

Continuing with the Holiday theme, as I haven't quite gotten back to the present as far as blogging goes, the Saturday before New Years I went to a party hosted by a friend of mine. It was the premiere theater social event of the year in the Mohawk Valley. I had a fantastic time. I saw many people who claimed to be fans of this very blog. I told them they were full of it, but hey, I guess they wanted their pictures posted. Here goes. I can't remember if I've introduced you folks to these people or not, so I'll make up fresh fictional names.

Here I am with one of the premiere leading men of the Utica stage.

I was playing around with an anagram generator online and found that his name anagrams to 'The Warm, Keen Tit." That's a better label than any I can come up with. Though I'm not so sure if it's a true anagram, since the first word is preserved. Anyway, a few bits of trivia about this man:

- He can bench press a Corvette

- He once cut my hand onstage playing Benvolio to my Tybalt in Romeo & Juliet, act one scene one

- The next year he similarly butchered the Queen Mab speech playing Mercutio to my Benvolio. I have it on tape, with instructions to release it to the next Christmas party, should anything happen to me.

These are two other readers (perhaps 'fans' is a bit too strong a word) of my blog.

I like this picture for the fact that it is very clearly not posed. The one on the left, along with her husband, is the primary caregiver/provider of food for Maya, who is this dog:

She's appeared here before, but not quite as adorable. This photo alone is worthy of high praise.

The more confused looking one on the right has her own blog HERE, and sometimes comments on this one, as well.

As with any good Christmas party, there occurred some partaking of beverages. Wassailing, if you will.

Or as the makers of this fine tequila might say "El wassail"

It's just shameful. I mean really, look at those two ruffians on the side, forcing such awful spirits on those innocent ladies.

If you don't know why that last line is hilarious, we need to hang out more.

Or you can watch THIS VIDEO.

Ha! Just kidding, that's not really a link. There is no video... or is there? Anyway, down the hatch.


This was also the night of the Giants' loss to the Patriots. It sucked, but Eli put up a better struggle than I would have given him credit for. I didn't watch too much of the game, I somehow got distracted by

Irish Car Wassail.

Don't worry, I behaved myself. For the most part. First of all, Mr. and Mrs. Rev were there and secondly, I had to be up early the next morning to catch a generously given ride back to the NY of C. Wait, that doesn't work...

Anyway, it was a blast, and thank you very much to everyone there and back home that made my Christmas Break so enjoyable. Same time next year? Awesome

Peace Out.



  1. Holy shit. Is that THE Warm, Keen Tit?

    You know that glass exploded once it left his touch, unable to continue existing without him.

  2. I am humbled and honored. "Butchered" is perfect. Nothing will ever happen to you!!! Keep it goin...

    - the WarM, keen tit


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