Monday, December 3, 2007

The Most Painful Thing on the Internet

I'm quite serious. Those of you with children should probably get them out of the room to prevent massive psychological scarring. Hours and hours of therapy costing thousands of dollars. Dozens of headlines and trials and evaluations, all the neighbors judging and avoiding eye contact... All completely avoidable.

Actually, on second thought... make them watch. The world needs psychos, right?

Anyway, the tale of this particular vomit wrenching horror can be summed up in one word:


Forgive us Lord, we knew not what we did.

A few things I did enjoy about that video:

1) Ignorant people booing our awesomeness.

2) Me jumping like I was being burned by that old woman that tried to horn in on the action.

C) Hmmm... nope, just those two things.

The reason for that karaoke was the celebration of two birthdays. Mr. Morchison's and Sandstone's. I should have a picture around here somewhere...


Oh, Mr. Morchison, how can you look that serious whilst wearing a sombrero?

You need a lesson from: EL HOMBRE DEL SOMBRERO LOCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!one

!Senor Morchison! !No esta triste! !!!!!Esta muy LOCO!!!!!

!Escuche mi pandereta mágica!

And El hombre del sombrero loco waved his magic tambourine high in the air and Mr. Morchison was transformed!!!!!!!


Wow. That was even more ridiculous than I thought it was going to be when I thought of it.

Also last Tuesday at lunch I stumbled upon a Writers Guild of America rally. I saw many famous people including:

-Tim Robbins

-Danny Glover

-Amy Poehler

-Seth Meyers

-Rachel Dratch

-BJ Novak

And last but certainly not least (not even last, really, I just got tired of listing):

Tina Fey.

Her I actually spoke to. I told her that I very much enjoy her show and I aspire to be a part of it someday.

I really wanted to profess my undying love.

Tina, it's ok that you're married and have a daughter. We didn't know each other then, I couldn't expect you to wait for me forever. I mean it's bad enough you had to wait 13 years for me to be born. There's still time to make it right.

Elizabeth Stamatina Fey... my number One.


Catch you later,


PS - Phoebe Strole, you and I are finished.


  1. Great Karaoke sounded, well, like...let's just say I couldn't have done it better.

  2. UUUhhhhhhgggghhhhhhh.....that was the grossest thing I have ever heard/seen. I am thoroughly disgusted by myself. If I ever have children, please, let us never speak of my drunken karaoke exploits.

    In my defense...I think that old woman poisoned me with her terribleness.


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