Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

From the archives:

Christmas Soup

‘Twas the day before Christmas

And all over the world,

Everyone was content

Except one little girl.

Her mother upstairs in bed with the flu,

She had to confront what she now must do.

With mom feeling ill, and out of the loop

It had fallen to her to make Christmas Soup.

‘Twas a cruel twist of fate for such a beginner

To have to lead off the holiday dinner.

And so towards the kitchen the little girl crept

While upstairs in bed, her sick mother slept

Into the recipe the small girl dove,

Set out ingredients and turned on the stove.

All was just fine for a quarter an hour,

After that, I’m afraid, things began to turn sour.

A smidgen of everything was thrown in the pot

A little of this… oops, that was a lot.

It had started so well, but then lost its charm

The girl sadly unplugged the fire alarm.

The meat had turned black, the veggies were blue

She wasn’t sure what it was, but it wasn’t a stew.

With a soft sigh, the girl turned off the heat,

Slopped the stuff in the bowl, and slumped in defeat.

The concoction was lumpy, and looked much like glue

(surely much worse than her mother would do).

Into the fridge it went with a shove,

A bowl full of goo, cooked up with love.

On Christmas day, as dinner drew near,

The little girl’s stomach was knotted with fear.

How would her family react? Would the soup spell out doom?

Would they all take a trip to the Emergency Room?

At the dining room table, the fam took their places

Nervous smiles adorning all of their faces.

As the soup was warmed up, the girl grew suspicious

For the scent that arose was nothing short of delicious!

The meat it was tender, the veggies were good

It looked and smelled just as a Christmas Soup should.

The family exclaimed, as the soup disappeared

What a great soup maker they had sitting here.

Later mother would claim, in her holiday sweater

It was that moment she started feeling much better.

As the family sat and slurped with delight,

The girl swore she heard sleigh bells out in the night.

And a voice rang out loud as she rushed to the stoop

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good soup!”

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