Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Such goings on.

Greetings friends,

Once again it's been a while since I've blogged at you. Not as bad as that other time, but you know, still long. But lucky you, I'm back and I've got stuff to talk about. Oh yeah, what seems like three weeks ago, I got "tagged," which is kind of like a blogger textually transmitted disease. Apparently I have to tell 7 interesting/weird things about myself or else... I don't think it had specific threats, but probably eleventy years of bad luck, or my crush will never know I exist, or some fictional child will die of fictional brain worms. You know, the usual email stuff. Here goes:

1) I have a strange affinity for the time 10:16, especially on digital clocks.

2) When microwaving food, I do not set the timer to any number divisible by 5.

3) I was the 1995 New York State Jaycees BB gun champion.

4) I am a giant fan of Spider-man. I am afraid of spiders.

5) I have been hospitalized once for a concussion suffered in a car accident, and once after a nasty yappy lap dog chewed up my hand.

6) I have a long-standing habit of misplacing my shoes, which has been temporarily rectified by living in a small apartment.

7) Imaginary brain worm kid is going to die.

Well Gosh, that was fun.

So lots of stuff has been happening in Revland. First off, I got a job. I know I haven't mentioned work much on this blog, for the very good reason that I am a professional and take work seriously, and not everyone appreciates humor and/or appearing in caricature form on some rambling digital coolness. You'll notice I rarely (if ever) use the real names of people I know. Oach, Honus, Mr. Morchison, Lt. Rev and so on (though why Honus chooses to reveal real names on my comment boards is beyond me). Anyway, it's good news, so hooray for me.

Secondly, I learned that I have fans. More accurately, people I know who enjoy this blog, but have never told me that they read it. Like this girl:

Oh, Champ.

Also this one:

I think I'll call her VanHalen1984side2, in an exercise in obscurity.

Thank you both for reading, and everyone else don't be shy. Say hello, and I might post a picture of the two of us.

Now between leaving my last gig and starting this new gig, I decided to take a mini-vacation. Where did Rev go? Overseas, mayhaps? To some warm beach to work on his tan? Nope. Beautiful, sunny Buffalo was my destination.

My passport is in Whitesboro, and I only had a few days, so I decided to visit my buddy from college... I think I'll call him Ace. Anyway, Ace and VanHalen1984side2 were gracious enough to put me up for a few days.

They seemed pretty happy about it, actually.

It was a fun visit. I got to relax and watch some movies en route. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is good. Underworld: Evolution and Beerfest are not.

Also I got to satisfy my Buffalo wing jones at Duff's. Man, that was good. I've yet to have worthwhile wings here in the City. If anyone has any suggestions as to a decent Buffalo wing, please let me know.

Also, I went to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. It was Free Friday, and evidently Japan night. VanHalen1984side2 and I made origami cranes. Here's a sample:

I have named them Hugin and Munin and they now live on my type tray.

Both bonus points and demerits for anyone who understands those names.

I'll close this blog entry soon, but I'd like to share a few more pictures first. Here's me with my Buffalo parents:

and here's one that I don't think the subject remembers taking:

That's all for now,


Oh, just one more thing. Anyone think this guy looks like Ando from Heroes?


  1. Rev!
    my crane has yet to find a home. i forgot about it until i saw it in my purse today, squished and lonely. Also, many thanks for making my blog name like something out of an Ann Raynd novel. I hate her with the passion of many suns.


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