Thursday, October 18, 2007

Autumn is the best season (part 2)

So apparently in Rev's mind Thursday night is the day after Sunday. If that were true, the world would be a happier place, as we would be able to dodge a lot of terrible television. Now if we could just get ER off the air, and have everyone even remotely connected to Ugly Betty burned at the stake, we'd be in business.

But when I last rudely abandoned you, dear readers, I was talking about the Harvest Festival. It was sponsored by Hippies. I'm not exactly sure what kind, but I think they had some big compost kick going on, I didn't pay too much attention. It was a fun time, but these particular hippies greatly underestimated the appeal of beer and apples and various grilled foods.

As evidence of their Biodynamic lack of foresight, the hippies had one bar complete with one bartender. Riddikulus. For our first drink, Oach and I stood in line for about 10 minutes. By the time we were ready for a second drink, we were forced to choose between getting back in line, or getting home before Tuesday. Observe:

The bar is in on the far left, with the beginning of the line. Note the distinct lack of people near the Compost Project table.

The line continues past a community juice truck and Gomer Pyle.

It then stretches into forever, past brick buildings and tables of bored hipsters. At least I think they're bored. Maybe they're just being ironic. Goddamn Hipsters.

Anyway, despite the sinful wait for the very basic of outdoor party necessities, there was a lot of cool stuff going on, too.

Pumpkin Carving!!!

Pony Rides!!!

Dogfighting!!! Oh, wait... that's terrible.

Yeah, there was a Weimaraner that ran afoul of some pit bull mix and they decided to engage in combat to the death for the honor of their respective masters. The masters, on the other hand, largely ignored this and had a pleasant conversation about the weather.

I can forgive the hippies for the long lines, since this is the first year of their harvest festival. My advice for next year: replace your informative compost table with several kegs and people to operate them. I would also switch it to Saturday, because evidently this shindig continued into the night, with a campfire and stuff. I had to go back to Queens to sleep in order to work the next day. Lame. I'll definitely want to go back to see what lessons they've learned.

Ok, that's all for now, another short post, I know. But I have company visiting this weekend, another former housemate from school. I'll be playing tour guide and will hopefully get several fun pictures to report back. Until then, you can quake in fear of the impending -2 reunion.

Don't worry, not everything has to make sense.



PS - Mission information has been posted over at Improv Everywhere. Go check out the hilarity. I'm actually in the first video under the 'No Shirts' label. Give it a look and see if you can spot me being inappropriately touched by an Abercrombie & Fitch employee.


  1. I can only assume that the stuff to which you referred the party continuing with included a drum circle, someone burning bundles of sage, and the wafting scents of patchouli and b.o. God bless hippies. They try so hard.

  2. I assume that as well, and so wasn't too sad about missing it.

    Hippies might actually accomplish stuff if their planning ability went past "get a lot of unwashed people in one place."


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