Sunday, October 14, 2007

Autumn is the best season (part 1)

Before we begin, I have to tell you something. I have been wearing brand new socks for the past three days, and it's the greatest thing I've ever done. If (when) I become a millionaire, I will never wear the same pair of socks twice. That will be my curious eccentricity. As for all the pairs of socks that I will have to discard, I'll probably donate them to charity, or send them to China to be used as 'employee of the month' prizes in their sweatshops.

I'm a nice guy like that.

Anyway, this weekend I did some activities that were pretty fun. On Saturday I participated in an Improv Everywhere stunt. I'll get into more detail with that once they have the mission info and photos posted on their website, as I was unable to take pictures of my own.

Secondly, today Oach and I went to the Gowanus Harvest Festival in Brooklyn. It was quite the good time. It took place in a place called "The Yard," located on the Gowanus Canal. It looks mostly like this:

The Gowanus Canal looks mostly like this:

I took those two pictures from this bridge:

and finally, this bridge had this sign posted on it:

I wish all those prostitution laws were this lenient and vague.

Ugh... I'm already tired, so I'm gonna have to finish this tomorrow. Sorry about the tease, folks.


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