Thursday, October 25, 2007


Ok, fine… that title doesn’t have anything to do with most of what I’m writing about today. It’s just one of my new favorite phrases. I picked this one up this morning from an email forward I got at work today from some Neo-Aryan crackpot douche. Here is a sample of what his upcoming book/explosion promises:

You’ll learn about why Bill Clinton is actually Gefiltefish in Blackface. Why John McCain will come to be known as Jewface John. And why The Oprah earned the name Mama O. That’s short for Mama Obama because she’s the political birth mother of Obama sin Laden.”

Ok, first off… that paragraph is probably the most coherent part of the entire email. Secondly, and this is very important, neither With Great Blogging Comes Great Responsibility nor its writer/creator/sexy genius Rev endorse any of the opinions put forth by the abovementioned hate-spewing, barely literate ass hat. I really don't want to get a lot of hate mail (or worse, fan mail) over posting that.

That being said, I think Jewface John would be simultaneously the worst and best Dick Tracy villain ever.

Hard-hitting, two-fisted gumshoe? Yes. Wildly anti-semitic? I certainly hope not.

But enough of that and onto real blogging issues. Like what I did this past weekend, and how much I’m looking forward


Jack Skellington is one of my personal heroes, and not just because he's pale.

Anyway, this past weekend Oach (Once And Current Housemate) had a visit from our other former housemate. I'll call him FH, for simplicity's sake. Collectively, we're known as -2, and also Team Azerbaijan. This isn't important information, but it helps to explain the previous post.

There we are.

Also along for the ride were FH's two brothers. They got into town on Friday, and since I had to work, Oach showed them around a bit. I got back to the apartment just in time to play the card game asshole for an hour or two.

The dress code was strictly enforced. We're not a cult, but I am thinking of starting one. Interested? Submit your headshots and resumes and souls.

Then it was time to hit the town. We headed out to a get together orchestrated by our good friend Mr. Morchison.

Subway transfer pandemonium!

Morchison et al.

So basically, that night was an absolute blast. It was so fun that FH's personal gravity was completely skewed:

Don't worry, he got better.

By comparison, Saturday night was a complete wash. Highlights include: an unfortunate encounter with dog poop, pretentious bouncers at a club completely in love with itself, me assuming the identity of Russian exchange student Mikhail Horvac, nasty fat trannies and their entourage, one tranny physically assaulting FH in the name of "Dance with me," and wandering around Times Square at 3:30 AM. Some good stories in there that I might share later.

But second topic: How much am I looking forward to Halloween?


Favorite Holiday by far. I'm going to the village parade this year, but I'm not going to tell you my costume quite yet. Suffice to say, it's very near completion, and it is good. Sometimes I envy the simplicity of Halloween costumes for girls, the formula of

(Slutty) + (Noun) = Costume

But mostly I resent the lack of imagination. There are exceptions, like a slutty washing machine. That's one I'd like to see. The worst are: Angels, Devils and Cats. Ladies, if you're planning on being any of those three, I beg you to reconsider.

Anyone else going to the parade? I hear it's pretty awesome.

Anyway, I should go at least pretend to work. Catch you crazy kids later



  1. Jewface maybe the greatest comic book villain name ever. Especially if it is said with a breathy, Adam West-esque voice. Or maybe he's a hero, defending the world from Camel Jockey and the Price Gouger.

  2. Both antisemitism and racism as tags...priceless.

  3. By the way. You've been tagged. Kind of pathetic game going on right now but I'm bored so I'm bringing you in.

  4. sonofabitch.


    ... Fine, how do I play?

  5. Come on over to my blog. The rules are posted. Good luck.


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