Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sorry for the gap

Hi Folks.

I admit, I've been neglectful. I promised myself I would be better about the updating and sharing of stories/images, and here it is, having been more than a week since my last post. I apologize.

Anyway, I was going to update this weekend, but I was busy entertaining. You see, my parents were in town. They came down to check out my apartment, and I fooled them into thinking I don't live in squalor. Hey, let's see a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Rev:

That's them.

So true to form, the visit was plagued by some infuriating circumstances. Beautiful weather was called for all weekend, but as soon as we decided to head out and see the sights, BAM - sudden downpour. There was some grumbling, but we took it in stride. I mean, there's like a billion museums in this town, right? We headed out and walked to the train station. I pointed out sights along the way, and our feet became soggy and sad. Whateva, we were on our way. Then we got to the station, and my father got in an argument with the Metrocard vending machine, who posited that the dispensing of change over $6.00 is morally wrong, while Mr. Rev countered with swearing and a search for smaller bills. I acted as moderator and we struck a compromise.

Just in time to see the man in the glass booth write 'NO SERVICE' on that white board he has, also in the glass booth. This time, father and son joined in the cursing together. Suddenly, a train rolled into the station. Now, the station is at the end of thee line, so just because a train appears, that doesn't mean it's going anywhere soon. But it did mean we had a place to sit. Here's me and Mrs. Rev sitting:

That other man isn't part of our family.

I also have a picture of my father on the train, but it looks as though he has some sort of palsy. I'm not sure it needs to be published. Anyway, contrary to what we all agreed would happen, we did not die on that train, even though it took a very long time to get into Manhattan. On the plus side, it had (largely) stopped raining.

One thing my Mom wanted to do was to go on the Staten Island Ferry. No, really. It's a good way to see the Statue of Liberty, and also she wanted to get an idea of the Hell in which her youngest son had dwelt for far too many months.

This is the statue.

This is the Hell.

Here's me pointing out the cloud that's made not of water vapor, but of human sorrow.

Here's my Dad and I on the Ferry.

I see no resemblance.

After that, we went up to Canal street to do some crowded shopping of illegal merchandise. I also took the opportunity to get this photo of quite possibly my favorite shop sign in Manhattan.

I'm not even going to caption this.

After that, we had some dinner and scored tickets to SPAMALOT!


The show was funny, but I'd probably kill a guy for the chance to see the original cast. After the show, we weren't quite ready to call it a night. So...


Now that's a good looking group of Revs.

Oach showed up, too.

I guess the moral of the story is that even if the day starts off nasty and rainy, we can all look forward to Czech beer at the end. Unless it rains all day. Which it didn't then. But it could. So... there are no lessons. Check back for day 2 of NYC fun with the Revs.

Peace out,

(Your) Rev


  1. I can't believe you posted a picture of Canal Rubber! I've actually shopped there before. Don't knock it!!

  2. Here's my Dad and I on the Ferry.

    Don't you mean " and me.."?

  3. God DAMN it!

    Yes, that is what I meant.


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