Monday, August 13, 2007

Looks like you'll have to wait.

And just when I was getting to the good parts. So I went to Utica again this weekend. This time it was to attend the wedding ceremony and reception of one of my good friends. We go all the way back to the 7th grade, up through college and various misadventures along the way. I know I promised you folks the 4-1-1 on that bachelor party, but I found out on Friday that I was misinformed. I thought I had several good shots of a particularly enjoyable evening of celebration. Not true. As I found out, such photos/videos do not exist, nor will they ever exist for at least six months.

That's odd... then wherever did I get this video of Honus riding a mechanical bull?

So anyway, we'll let the passage of time erode the ire of the new bride, and instead I'll go right to the Wedding pictures.

Here is a picture of me and the happy couple:

It was their day, but I was looking pretty fine.

Anyway, the bride and groom both had large, loving, supportive families, which is great. But it also means that friends and rapscallions such as myself were given the short end of the seating stick. I was at table 16 with other unsavory characters. Like these two:

He recovered from his bull encounter, but his ties may never be the same.

Anyway, you may have noticed the groom's suspenders. He is a Mets Fan. In fact, the entire group of groomsmen wore the Mets suspenders under their vests. Behold.


Anyway, the Bride was a Yankees fan. Not to be outdone, she and her bridesmaids applied temporary tattoos to themselves to espouse their own loyalties. I was told by one of the groomsmen that they were on the ladies' thighs. They decided later to show them off:

If by "thighs" they meant "knees" then yes, spot on.

I suppose they were going for decorum what with all the family around. I can still be disappointed. As far as the sporting rivalry goes, it was all in good fun. When you get right down to it, whether you're a Mets, Yankees or even BoSox fan, we can all agree that Barry Bonds is a Dick.

Anyway, the party went on, there was much drinking and dancing to be had. Take this gentleman, for instance:

Eddie McG: He likes the ladies.

In summary, the wedding was a good time, and by the end of it I was forced to call my parents to come get me and my car so as to avoid tickets/loss of life/harshing my buzz. Oh yeah, one more thing. I requested Journey's Don't Stop Believing and it was not played. I was heartbroken. I've not yet fully recovered from it, despite a day of rest at a friend's camp, basking my horrible pasty torso in the sunlight.

Sorry to make you see that, but I just wanted you to feel a taste of Journey-less anguish.

Well, hopefully the next update will be more interesting...



  1. I hate you a lot for this. Bastard.

  2. Oh come on, it's not like anyone actually reads this.


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