Monday, August 27, 2007

Exciting, if not actually productive.

So Friday was quite the day. Both Oach and I had job interviews. Hopefully one of them will take, before we get down to eating sawdust and shoe leather.

(insert seamen joke here)

Anyway, they both went pretty well and we're eagerly expecting the results. Anyhow, I had resigned myself to the fact that the interview would be the most exciting part of the day. I was fully prepared to settle in and make dinner, watch TV, and apply for more jobs until I fell asleep.

That was not to be, however.

I got home, and was at my computer when Oach asked "Do you smell Gas?"

Natural Gas, that is. And yes, yes I did. Fantastic. That's exactly the way I wanted to end my day. By exploding.

Well... what's on tap for tomorrow?

So the search was on to find the source of the odour.

Using the time-tested and scientific method of "walking around sniffing" we determined that we had no idea. However, we did conclude that it was not coming from our own stove/oven, which was a relief. Exploding is one thing, but being betrayed by an appliance and exploding? Terrible.

So we thought maybe we should open the window to try and diffuse the smell. That didn't work, as it became much worse. Ok, so it's definitely coming from outside. Oach went to investigate. I promptly lost interest and began playing video games.

After a little bit, Oach comes back in and starts asking what I assumed to be rhetorical questions about our duties as citizens and whether or not we should call someone, etc.

"Sure, probably Con Ed, or someone." Oach grabs his phone and dials.

Approximately three minutes later, I hear distant sirens and honking.

"Oh, here they come" Said Oach.

"What?" responded I, "Who did you call?"

"911, I told them I smelled gas so they transferred me to the fire department."

Inwardly, I groaned and outwardly, I put on some shoes.

Within a wholly acceptable response time, we had no fewer than 5 fire trucks outside our house. The first man off the truck asked me if I had called. I passed the blame to Oach, but still reported the gas smell. The firemen immediately smelled it too, and got to work with their gas sniffer box sensor thingamabobs.

The first trucks to arrive.

More trucks, conferencing.

Oach surveys his handiwork.

They sniffed around with their machines, and tried to find the source. Ultimately, they didn't find anything dangerous about the situation. At least, nothing dangerous enough to tell us about. Later on, after everything died down, we went to the Beer Garden to feel better about the possible overreaction demonstrated. I promptly fell flat on my face in front of a large group of onlookers. My shoelace caught on a picnic table bolt and down I went. Embarrassing.

All in all, it was a less than stellar day for both of us. However, then this happened, and we're back to feeling like geniuses.

Later folks,


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  1. Rev, you make me laugh...when are we going to the beer garden?


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