Monday, April 30, 2007

This Week on 24

Some pros and cons this episode. I still hold that Heroes is far and away the superior show currently. As of this post, however, I have not watched my DVR'd episode of Heroes.

On to 24.

Jack, snap out of it. You're acting like a whiny seven year old girl who kills people and has been in a Chinese prison camp for 18 months.

Audrey, I hate you.

I do like that they brought Audrey's Dad back into the equation. He seems to be coming down a little hard on Jack, however. I mean, his life has been saved by The Bauer several times thus far. He owes him at least his shell-shocked husk of a daughter.

Although, I must say that 24 made me do something that I had promised myself I'd never do again. I ironed.

Yes that's right. And it was awful.

My options this evening were to do laundry, or show up at work tomorrow wearing a bathing suit and a pit-stained Woodstock '99 t-shirt. Comfortable? Yes. Business Casual? Not quite so much.

Anyhow, the dryer in my building takes millions of years to dry, so I figured I'd run it through once, then go finish the job after 24. However, to my chagrine when I got down to the laundry room following the program, the clothes were completely dry and wrinkled like Estelle Getty's Playboy shoot.

So yeah, following another only OK episode of 24, I had to iron. It was pure pain. I pressed several shirts and a few pairs of slacks for work. That's a fun word. Slacks... Trousers. Also fun.

I see I've begun to lose what little coherence I had. I'll take that as a sign to move on and go to bed. Catch you folks later.



  1. I don't know... I am starting to think that the season finale will involve a water ski jump and a shark... 24 needs to get back to its roots.

  2. See you at Spiderman opening day! I'll be there at 10am. Seriously.

  3. New Tex- I agree with you. Whatever happened to Jack killing everyone without mercy?

    Meg- I'm jealous, I have to work. Ew. I wonder if they'd let me take an 8 hour lunch...


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