Monday, April 23, 2007

This Week on 24

Ok, back into the action. Jack's on the run, tricking the Hell out of everyone by masking his movements with high tension power lines. He might get cancer (lie), but at least he got Ricky off his back.

Hey, I wonder if Sylar is going to kill Mohindar, or if Peter is going to be able to stop him. It's totally the showdown of this or any century!!!

Sorry, Got a little distracted, the Chinese continue to be the evil red devils they've always...

I mean, does Peter get to absorb all the Powers that Sylar has absorbed? Including the super hearing? Because that would be a total weak spot that Sylar could use to escape. And what's going on with funny Japanese man?

SORRY. Ok, ummm... White House, talk talk talk, Bill Buchanan fired. That's not right...

I mean I really hope they don't spend too much time on stupid bipolar woman and family. She should've had her brain sucked out long ago. Actually, I think Ali Larter did, in order to use the material to augment her not even-that great breasts.

Dammit.. focus. Ok, Chinese Bad, Bill Good. We've got that far... Ummm... Ricky Schroder sucks goat ass... err

God damn, I can't wait till ten to watch my recorded Heroes.

Bring back Curtis and Eden McCain, the hot waifish chick that told people to do things,



  1. I'm just glad that the if the new president is going to get a little somethin somethin in the Oval Office, it won't be with a Monica look-alike.

  2. Yeah, Seriously. Is that supposed to make us like him less? Because in my book, I'm completely cheering him on now.

  3. Yeah, he turned a corner with me also... i mean, anyone can get on a fat intern, but if he is tapping the reasonably hot blonde... well played Mr. President!


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