Monday, April 2, 2007

This Week on 24

Hmph. Ok, I'm going to be completely honest with you, because that's the sort of guy I am. I didn't watch most of tonight's episode. Sure, I started to, and watched the first 25 or so minutes, but then I got a phone call and started talking about this weekend, which is a way more interesting topic.

Let me see if I can sum up... the White House storyline continues to break world records for ass sucking. There was a vote to determine whether or not the President is fit to perform his duties after his surgeon had just used the words "Induced Coma Brain Injury." Somehow I think that would invalidate just about any candidate... of course, [Insert timely political joke here].

Oh wait.. something cool happened? Rade Serbedgia, reprising his "Boris the Bullet Dodger" character from Snatch, cuts off his arm to escape, or get away with something... I told you before, I wasn't watching that closely. But man, that was a nice fake arm prop they used. I can think of a million ways to use that, like [Insert severed arm practical use here].

Also of interest was the standoff/shooting in the sports bar which culminated in a group of Americans savagely beating an Arab man. Pure Racism. If that were a white guy who just shot that dude in the chest, everybody would've been fine with it. Another thing that's racist is [Insert borderline to completely tasteless joke here].

Well, I'm tired, and I hope to waste more of your time tomorrow, as I recount my misadventures this past weekend. The regularity of this segment is a blessing and a curse.

However, if you'd like to fill in the blanks for my lazy ass, feel free. I may award a prize to the best ones. However, it's more likely that I won't.

Bring Back Curtis,



  1. I've been a diehard 24 fan since the first night of season 1. And this season is killing me!

    I guess you missed the president asking for an adrenaline shot at the end, and THEN deciding to nuke the middle east country. Great stuff. I didn't think adrenaline had effects like that.

  2. Oh man, I definitely did miss that. Maybe there's hope for Wayne yet... I've started to just turn my brain off when I see those characters.

    I completely agree with you about this season. It's turning into a chore to watch.


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