Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Parade

Nope, not that one.

Well, actually something like that.

Today was Easter which, for all of you not of the Christian faith, commemorates the day Jesus jumped out from behind a bush and said "Hey Mary, look who's not dead! Oh man, all that cross stuff would have sucked if I weren't the SON OF GOD... Holy crap, I'm awesome! But seriously, your sins are forgiven."

Or something to that effect. Certain details have been lost to translation and time, but basically it was the first and greatest episode of Extreme Makeover.

Anyway, getting back to what I did today. I decided to go to church. This Church, actually:


The sermon was actually pretty fantastic and peppered with bad jokes, which are a personal favorite of mine. Also, they had the entire congregation sing the Hallelujah Chorus along with the choir. However, I later learned that it was the first year the Church tried such a thing. So basically it turned out to be the choir, me and the very pleasant soprano sitting next to me going nuts on Handel's work. Yeah, people stared a little bit. Lousy WASPS, turn around and learn your own part.

At any rate, I decided to check out this whole "Easter Parade" thing that I'd heard about. Ladies walking about on 5th Avenue, showing off their Easter bonnets, right? Wrong. Maybe once, but now it has (d)evolved into a flat out silly hat party.

For the record, I love silly hat parties. The first party of mine that was broken up by the cops was a silly hat party. I'm pretty sure the main reason my housemates and I were let off with just a warning was my jaunty oversized tricorn with a festive blue bow and an artificial bird.

really, no photo? I thought I had one... oh too bad, it was sweet.

Anyway, this event has most definitely been added to my holiday activity list. Some people's headgear were just ok, with a few random flowers stuck here and there. But some people went the extra mile.

like these people.

Though it all honesty, I think you should be able to support your hat's weight all by yourself. Disqualified. Also:

It's a family activity.

I would have given extra points if one of the children had been built into one of the hats. Maybe next year.

However, my personal favorites were these, for their NYC themed hats:

I apologize for the blurriness, but yes, that's Coney Island's Cyclone on that woman's head. Bravo. Truly, you put the "dash" in "haberdashery."

And these guys. Not the first time I've seen the idea, but impressive nonetheless:

Yup, all MetroCards.

Anyway, I'm extending the invitation for next year. All you wonderful people out there, next Easter let's get completely effin hat-wacky.

Rev out.

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  1. "the first and greatest episode of Extreme Makeover. "

    Awesome. Happy belated Resurrection Day.


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