Sunday, April 22, 2007

Celebrity Sighting!



And now...

Aunt May.

Yes, yes. Supposedly somewhere in that photo, evidently taken at the bottom of a lake, is the likeness of Rosemary Harris. Storytime.

I was eating in a restaurant near Lincoln Center yesterday, and the service was pretty bad, and my fish fry was less than impressive. Suddenly, the waiter approaches the table and asks my party "Have you guys seen the Spider-Man movies?"

I fought my initial reaction to slap him, and we politely replied in the affirmative.

"Well, sitting over there is the woman who plays the Aunt." he said with a sort of please-give-me-a-good-tip-for-your-sub-par-fish-fry look and hurried off.

I was confused. There was no woman sitting at that table. There was an empty chair, so perhaps she had gotten up to use the restroom. But was it really Rosemary Harris? Was the waiter making fun of some poor old woman? You know, like the way my brother and I referred to an old man we saw hiking one day as Buzz Aldrin, for the sole reason that he was wearing a NASA cap. To be completely honest at this point, had the waiter really just been having a good laugh at the expense of the elderly, then I'd probably tip him better.

I decided to wait and see if he was telling the truth, because the service was slow and we hadn't paid anyway, so it's not like I could just leave even if I wanted to. Then I saw her. She came back to the table and put on her coat. It was her! Aunt May! May Reilly Parker! My heart skipped a few beats. I fumbled around trying to get my digital camera out. Realizing that I was shaking too hard to point it properly, I handed it to the girl sitting next to me, and told her to take the picture.

And I learned a lesson. In the celebrity-photographing sphere A) turn your flash on, no matter how rude and conspicuous it will be, B) bad fish fry and hyperventilation don't mix and 3) if you want a picture taken right, do it yourself.

Anyway, I resisted the urge to tackle her as she headed for the door. Even now, I'm not sure why. Sure, there may have been law enforcement officials called to help the waitstaff pull my screaming/crying form from a terrified old actress, but it certainly would have spiced up this story.

And the police blotter.

That's all for now.


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