Wednesday, April 11, 2007


OK, I just watched Monday's episode on Fox's ultraconvenientinternetmyspacevideowatchshowsyoumissed doohicky.

Nice work Jack. Where have you been all season? If you hadn't lost Curtis, you two could've been murdering terrorists the entire time, instead of one sweet scene.

It hurts that Ricky Schroder had the best line:

Doyle: (surveys carnage, bloody terrorist corpses) Damn, Jack.

That's right, be impressed. You can't hold a candle to the one called Ba-Wur, ancient lord of sneaking and killing.

Damn. Audrey's alive. Oh well, maybe we'll get to see her die now! I'm such an optimist.

Bring Back Curtis,



  1. I noticed that he is "Ricky" Schroeder again... didn't he go by "Rick" for a while? I hate that dude... I hope Jack gets to frag him.

  2. Yes, he did go by Rick Schroder during his (successful) campaign to ruin NYPD Blue for me.

    And yeah, I've been advocating the fragging for some time.

    -RIP Bobby Simone, we'll never forget you.


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