Monday, March 26, 2007

This Week on 24

Are you serious?

Look at me, FOX. No, look.. Hey, hey. Here, right here. Look at me.

What the Hell is wrong with you?

So basically this episode was full of twists and turns and... characters.. and.. man, it's getting really hard to care. Kudos to the show for pulling out all the stops in a last ditch effort, basically forcing the audience to empathize at gunpoint. A mentally challenged computer hacker used as bait to capture Gredenko? If you listen very closely, you can hear the high pitched buzzing sound of Curtis spinning in his grave.

I'm really shocked that it's come to this.

gotta kill terrorists. definitely kill terrorists.

In relationship news, go Milo for getting a little frisky with the hot chick. You've come a long way since shacking up with Chloe. That's right, I haven't forgotten. You'll never be clean in my eyes.

Hot Chick, seriously, Milo? You can do better. You and Curtis would have made a lovely couple. Oh, and stop whining about being tied to a chair for an hour. You think that's bad treatment for a CTU agent? Two have been shot and one had his hand cut off and that was just some of the stuff that Jack did to guys completely in the clear. Surely I don't have to remind anyone of the tragic passing of everyone's favorite fat schmuck Edgar, do I? You signed up for a high pressure environment, so suck it up.

Ricky, I like that you're credited as Ricky Schroder and not Rick Schroder like you tried to pull on NYPD Blue. That being said, you still suck. Sure, you did the right thing turning in the evidence, but Jack gave you an order to go help shoot people and you turned him down. Also, don't think I didn't see the sparks between you and the guy who tried to set you up. The sexual tension was so thick you could carve off slices of it and use the homoerotic energy to pave city streets. San Francisco would probably pay top dollar, actually.

In closing, the only thing that could make me at all interested in the crappy white house plot line is if, in a desperate bid to save Wayne Palmer's life, they call in the man himself:

Crossover Orgasm.

Peace out.



  1. Well, you're more tolerant than I. I ripped through seasons one and two on DVD, and then, upon reflection, I realized: this show is bad. It's not good. It's insanely addictive, but... I'm forcing myself to stop.

    Doesn't mean I don't enjoy reading the recaps though.

  2. TK - I wholeheartedly agree. It's absolutely terrible. It's the guilty pleasure/television junk food I allow myself because (unfortunately) there aren't many shootings on Grey's Anatomy.

  3. rev, your blog is HILARIOUS. i have no choice but to link to it on my blog. SEE YOU THIS WEEKEND!!!!!


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