Monday, March 19, 2007

This Week On 24

There's really only so much joy that can be taken in 24 now that Curtis is dead. I've come to realize that. It's like trying to enjoy a nice juicy steak, all the while knowing that Curtis is dead. Ok, so I'm not quite over the mourning stage. Curtis was the soul of the programme, and now all that we have to look forward to are a few cheap sadistic thrills.

- More Russians died, so that's cool.

- Audrey Raines is dead. That's cool too. Even cooler is if we watched her die in slow motion flashback, but whateva.

- The entire drone sequence was ridiculous. Like stupid ridiculous. Like Scientology ridiculous. Boo-urns.

- Hot Middle Eastern Woman finally loses a few buttons of her shirt, good. Tied to a chair? Better... Sweaty and Crying? Eh, I'll deal with it... Being interrogated by Ricky Schroder? Oh God. Talk about a cold shower. You might as well flash pictures of Ernest Borgnine at random intervals on late night Cinemax.

- How did Wayne Palmer's sister teleport from California to Washington in less than 2 hours? More importantly, why is Wayne Palmer's sister still involved with the plot?

Bring Back Curtis.

Bye for now


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