Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday, March 30th 2007

As you could probably figure out from the fantastically witty subject line, I don't really have a specific topic in mind. However, I also don't want my 24 updates to be the dominant aspect of my blog. A fancy little diversion, sure, but I like to think I've got other stuff going on, too.

My intentionally unspecified work is going well. My job right now probably creates more work for whomever justifies its existence than I do all day. My boss gives me an average of 25 minutes of tasks each 7 hour period I work. Absolutely no complaints from me. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy actually earning my money, but hey, careful what you wish for, right?

The weather has been beautiful, and the area surrounding workplace is populated by beautiful people, so again no complaints, save the lack of a window near my desk.

Oh Wait, one complaint. GreenPeace.

Sure, I like the nature, but not enough to waste my lunch hour being lectured and asked for money. I would much rather bask in the sun and silently praise God for the concept of "skirt weather."

But No. I'm confronted with a conscientious fund-raiser in a blue GreenPeace shirt. That fact alone pisses me off. If the color is in your name, you'd damn better use it. Lousy Hippies.

Sandwich in hand, I am ambushed. This polite, pleasant bastard is chatting away, making me ask myself all sorts of questions. For example: "Do I care at all about the environment?" "Would I like to help stop Global Warming?" and "How long would I have to pull on that lip piercing before this guy abandons his dedication to Nonviolence?"

But no, I'm a polite young man, so the answers to those questions will have to wait for another day. The conversation was brief, because I am also a poor young man. I don't have the specific type of green that GreenPeace happened to be looking for. We both managed to escape the situation unscathed, and I happily returned to the appreciation of the lovely female aspect of God's natural plan.

The End.

Oh, yeah - If he had been from Earth First! or ELF, I would have messed him up.

Also, in tribute to the above anecdote, I offer this T-shirt, which I find to be hysterical:

Later, folks


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