Sunday, March 4, 2007

(Deep Breath) Here goes...

Hello everybody in the bloggerverse. It's nice to meet you. Seeing as how this is my first post in this new format, I feel like I'm at an audition, or an AA meeting. Why don't I tell you a little about myself?

My name is Rev, and I've been writing posts for a little while at my previous location at ( Lately I've gotten some people telling me I shouldn't limit myself thusly and here I am to spread my figurative wings. It remains to be seen whether this advice was good or not.

I'm a graduate of SUNY Geneseo with a BA in Psychology. I live on Staten Island, which is a nearly limitless source of shock and dismay upon waking each morning. I'm temporarily unemployed, which partially explains why I'm on Staten Island, as it is less expensive than other boroughs. If anyone would like to offer me a (legal) job, I'm all ears.

I enjoy writing and acting and would like to do some combination of those professionally. I'm following a dream and living on a prayer. Speaking of dreams, I have them frequently and retain a percentage that has been described as "bizarre" and "I'm jealous in a way, but also not." For a several month period of time I had recurring nightmares about zombie attacks, but those have (mostly) stopped. For now my dreamscape is concerned with situations involving a phantasm from the past, and romantic interludes with Tina Fey. However, I was trapped inside of a painting two nights ago, so I'll be sure to keep you updated.

I like the shows 24, Heroes, Scrubs and 30 Rock. Monday night is tough for me, as I'm forced to record Heroes and watch it later. 24 is best live, though I was greatly disappointed in last week's episode.

I am an avid reader and movie fan. I like discussing movies and making fun of other people's opinions. I like trying new things and sweet lovin' by firelight, though lately the FDNY has been getting very rude.

Recurring themes in my blogging include: my forays into the city, dead hookers, asians, incredulity, a weekly update of my opinions on 24, and other notable occurrences in my fantastic life.

I think that pretty much brings most of you up to date on me as a person. The rest you'll have to piece together from this newly formed window to my psyche. In short, blogalaxy, it's nice to meet you and I hope you'll be my friend.

Catch you later.,


  1. You chose the same template as my blog. Smashing.

  2. I felt it the superior choice. Great minds, it would seem.


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